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Dreams Come True

 "Dreams do come true at any age."

Magnolia Health Corporation has a unique program called "Dreams Come True." This program is designed to help senior residents turn their dreams into realities. A dream may be as simple as returning to a place once adored, observing a sport or activity once admired, or more complex by fulfilling an adventure still desired.

"Our Dreams Come True Program gives us the opportunity to go beyond the normal boundaries established in a care facility.  Fulfilling the dreams of our residents is both exciting and immensely rewarding. Everybody has dreams!" 
Kenny Moyle, Chief Executive Officer

Many dreams have been fulfilled since the inception of Magnolia's Dreams Come True Program in August 2009.  Pictured below are some of the highlights. 

105-Year-Old Resident Returns Home on Birthday 101-Year-Old Resident Receives High School Diploma 102-Year-Old Fan Celebrates Birthday At Dodger Stadium


Special resident expresses daily his love for animals, especially horses.  He was surprised with a wonderful day on the farm! 

Special thanks to the Deboer family for making this Dream Come True! 


"Engelbert Humperdinck has always been my favorite performer.  I've been listening to his music since I was in my early 20s.  He has the most powerful voice.  This was a wonderful surprise and a DREAM COME TRUE!"
Dreams Come True Recipient


A resident with a dream to attend a NASCAR race was surprised with a full day of excitement!  The day began early with a trip to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California to attend the NASCAR Nationwide Series Royal Purple 300 race.

"I can't remember a time when I didn't love NASCAR.  I have always hoped to go to another race some day, but never really thought I would have the opportunity.  This is a Dream Come True, and a special day I will cherish forever!"
Dreams Come True Recipient

Dream recipient receives autographs from 2nd place winner Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. and Elliott Sadler.

Special thanks to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California for helping us make this Dream Come True! 


Once a Cowboy Always a Cowboy!

Special resident expresses daily a desire to take a bus to Oklahoma to ride horses.  Unfortunately, Oklahoma is too far for this resident to travel and wheelchair bound riding a horse is not possible.  Traveling to a destination just outside of Bakersfield, California this resident was surprised with a fun filled country western day.  An 1800's style horse drawn Victorian Carriage was an amazing highlight of the day! 

Special thanks to Bakersfield Carriages for donating the horse drawn carriage ride and Serpa Surplus City, in Tulare, for contributing recipient's western style clothing. 


A trip to Yosemite National Park makes a resident's DREAM COME TRUE! 

"I have always loved nature, but never had the opportunity to visit Yosemite until now.  This is a DREAM COME TRUE, and the most beautiful place I have ever been!"
Dreams Come True Recipient


Family and friends help make 105 birthday celebration special and a DREAM COME TRUE!

When asked, this special resident said she has very few regrets in her life. However, if she could still do one thing, it would be to visit her home and friends again in Grover Beach, California. 

"It's been a big, big day, and I've seen my home.  That was my wish, to see my home again in Grover Beach.  The people that live there are taking such good care of my home!"      
Dreams Come True Recipient

Special thanks to High Class Limousines and many family and friends for making this Dream Come True! 


This special resident expressed a desire to visit the Hoover Dam many times.  To make this surprise even better his sister and her husband, from Missouri, were waiting at the dam to greet him! 

 “This dam has a lot of great history and breathtaking views. I wanted to visit the Hoover Dam to see the new bridge.  I have been to 21 countries and 4 different islands and this beats everything yet.  What a wonderful day and surprise this is!”
Dreams Come True Recipient

Special thanks to the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce and Black Canyon/Willow Beach River Adventures for contributing the river raft tour and making this dream possible!


Two residents sharing a similar dream, to go to an Oakland Raiders game, were surprised with an evening full of football and fun!  Both residents, Raiders fans for over 40 years, never had the opportunity to go to a game until now. 

“The Raiders have always been my favorite team. This was one of the best days of my life! I still can’t believe it.  I met some of the players, and the Raiders won making it even better!” 
Dreams Come True Recipient

“I have always loved the Raiders. I am a huge fan, and I will remember this day forever!"
Dreams Come True Recipient

Special thanks to the Oakland Raiders’ organization and players: Nnamdi Asomugha, Cornerback #21; Stanford Routt, Cornerback #26; Desmond Bryant, Defensive Tackle #90; Alex Daniels, Defensive End  #71; and Jonathan Holland, Wide Receiver #17, for making these DREAMS COME TRUE!

Thanks also to #1 Sports Fan in Tulare and Sport Chalet in Visalia for providing our dream recipients with new Raiders apparel for the game! 


Local motorcycle groups, community participants, family and friends help make 84th birthday celebration special.

"For my 84th birthday I wanted to r
ide on a motorcyle again.  This went beyond all my wildest dreams.  No one has ever celebrated my life like this before."
Dreams Come True Recipient

Special thanks to the following for making this DREAM COME TRUE:
Local Motorcycle Groups . . . Star Chapter 163, Tulare County Family Travelers, Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Members of the Tulare Police and Fire Departments
Tulare Honda, American Thunder, Anonymous Contributors
 and all other Community Riders and Participants who joined us for this Birthday Celebration!


A magical trip to Disneyland makes a resident's Dream Come True!

"I have always wanted to visit Disneyland but never had the opportunity until now.  This is a day I will remember and cherish forever!"
Dreams Come True Recipient

Special thanks to Optimal and Mitch Choboian for helping make this DREAM COME TRUE!


Celebrating turning 102 at Dodger Stadium with staff members, family and friends. 

"I feel happy. I'm happy because I get to see the ballpark and listen to the players.  I'm very happy!"
Dreams Come True Recipient

Special thanks to the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium for making this DREAM COME TRUE!


Receiving honorary high school diploma on 101 birthday.

 "On many occasions this special resident shared with me her desire to get a high school diploma.  Just knowing we have turned this dream into a reality warms my heart. "
Long-time friend and nurse


Special thanks to the following for making this DREAM COME TRUE!
Tulare Adult School, Amvets of Tulare Post 56, Stile's Flower Shoppe, Details Party Rentals, City Council Members, Tulare Joint Union High School District; Sound Wave Band, Tulare Community Band, Local High School Students, ZZYXZ Mobile DJ Service and all other Community Members, Family and Participants!


Sisters reunited after six long years for one of their favorite past pass-times, a special lunch followed by a full day of shopping. 

This has been such a wonderful day.  Opening my eyes and seeing my sister for the first time in six years is a DREAM COME TRUE!”
Dreams Come True Recipient

Special thanks to Red Robin Restaurant and Citizens Business Bank for helping make this DREAM COM


Two special residents, sharing a similar dream to go deep sea fishing, were surprised with an adventurous day.  One resident had a longing to return to the ocean after 25 years and another was fulfilling a dream for the first time. 

My dream to return to the ocean finally came true.  I use to love fishing with my husband.  We had our own boat and would go almost every
weekend.  Today was a very special day!  I never thought I would get to see or fish in the ocean again.”

Dreams Come True Recipient

“I have loved fishing my entire life.  I have fished in many lakes and streams but never in the ocean.  Fishing in the ocean is something I have always wanted to do, but never thought in my wildest dreams I would have the opportunity.  Today was a DREAM COME TRUE, and I caught some really big fish!”
Dreams Come True Recipient

Special thanks to Virg’s Landing (Morro Bay, CA) and boat Captains John Rowley and Joe Anderton for making


Proud mom watches as her son is presented a Doctorate Diploma in Education from the University of Pacific in Stockton, California.

"Attending my son's graduation and celebratory reception meant the world to me.  I am so proud of his accomplishments!"
Dreams Come True Recipient


A 60th High School Class Reunion . . .  A special day to celebrate and remember!

"I have always loved my class reunions, and today I was treated like a queen!" 
Dreams Come True Recipient

Special thanks to the following for making this Dream Come True:
High Class Limousine Service, Buttercup Flower Shop, Touch of Class Salon and Day Spa, Local High School Students and Lots of Friends and Family!


Special resident was serenaded on her birthday!

"I know all of Elvis's songs and listen to them daily.  This is the best birthday celebration I have ever had!" 
Dreams Come True Recipient

Special thanks to Mario Ramos (aka Elvis Presley) for making this Dream Come True!


A love for the Special Olympics and a dream to participate, for many years, finally comes true.  Previously limited to cheering for friends, these games were different.

"We are so excited we were able to make this Dream Come True.  This special resident has shared with me on many occasions her love for the Special Olympics and a desire to participate.  Today was a very special day!" 
long time friend and Activity Director

Dreams Come True recipient won a bronze medal in the tennis ball throw!  Special thanks to the Tulare County Special Olympics Association for helping make this Dream Come True!


Horsing around makes a residents Dream Come True!

"Special resident has loved horses her entire life and shared often her desire to see and pet a horse again." friend and Activity Director 

Special thanks to Jesse Arriaga, PowerTime (horse), John Alameda, Elizabeth Holmes and many residents and friends for making this Dream Come True!

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